Rantoon Led Flood Lights and Work Lights

As one of leading outdoor lighting manufacturers based in China, Rantoon has been offering world market with Led Flood lights, led work lights at a reasonable price for 14 years
led flood lights work lights

China Professional Led flood lights Manufacturer

Outstanding Led flood lighting Product outcomes for a wide range of applications, designed to provide the highest reliability and lowest total cost of life.
  • Ordinary Floodlights

    • Light body color: silver/black
    • Watts:10W-200W
    • Voltage:120-277V
    • Light Source:LED Lamp
    • Finishing Color: Black
    • Material: Aluminum, Aluminum Die Casting, Glass, Stainless Steel
    • Application: Square Lighting
    • IP:IP66
  • ordinary floodlights

  • backpack floodlights

  • Led Backpack Floodlights

    Toughened glass mask
    Using Precision brushed silver reflector with
    excellent reflective status, using high quality
    toughened glass, high transmittance, luminous
    uniformity low optical loss, gentle shine

  • Slimline Floodlights

    High Quality Aluminum Light House
    high quality die-casting aluminum exquisite craft
    compact structure, corrosion resistance
    antioxidative excellent heat dissipation sealing well

  • slimline floodlights

  • PIR sensor floodlights

  • PIR Sensor Floodlights

    The PIR sensor can be aimed to cover the desired detection area and have a
    range of 2-12 metres over a 180 degree area
    PIR settings allow the following adjustments to be made
    Time on= from 10+_5 seconds to 6+_2 minutes
    Detection range=2m to 12m
    Ambient light=3 lux to 2000 lux

  • RGB Ordinary Slimline Floodlights

    Color control functions
    Flash: A color to color change without time space
    Strobe: A color to color change with a time space
    Fade: A color to color change with an fade effect
    Smooth: A color to color change with an smooth effect

  • RGB ordinary slimline floodlights

  • led module floodlights

  • LED Module FloodLights

    Energy saving, environmental pollution high color
    long life CREE company’s original source as luminous body of the module long life>50000 hours
    good heat dissipation high stability
    cellular heat
    the whole structure of the heat
    modular pluggable technology easy on site maintenance

  • Rechargeable Work Lights

    High Quality lithium battery
    Use high quality 18650 Lithium battery, high capacity high cycle life
    the cycle life more than 500 times when normal use
    strong high and low temperature adaptability green and
    environmental protection

  • rechargeable work lights

  • led tripod work lights

  • LED Tripod Work Lights

    Irrigated glue and intelligent IC driver
    strong directional emitting more stable longer life span
    open circuit, short circuit,overvoltage under-voltage
    automatic overload protection
    stable constant current, solid irrigated glue to ensure
    excellent waterproof performance

30,000+ Satisfied Happy Users and Counting…

A selection of hand-picked testimonials. Take a look at our cases

  • I’m ecstatic with the quality of this light. We mounted it 12 feet off the ground, over our community mailboxes…. It shines bright, and looks great. We are considering a few more, for some other spots in the neighborhood.

    Author's imageBarry Cussell AUSTRALIA
  • Much brighter than I thought! Perfect for the church parking lot. Saves us money and World from wasted power plant pollution. Also when the neighborhood goes dark during a power failure, G-d’s house is LIT! Let Rantoon light your world!

    Author's imageCraig SmithBARBADOS
  • I installed this light and I’m pleased. I live in the exurbs and my yard is DARK and this product gives enough light for me to walk and find my car in my driveway.
    Great product…..Works as expected….I would recommend highly!!!

    Author's imageCristian MoralesUNITED STATE
  • So far, so good. Easy to install and it operates, as stated. Had a few cloudy days, and it still worked for 18 hours of night time use. I am buying another one for the rear yard. These are used in Roatan, Honduras, the solar panel receives a average of 6 hours of sunlight exposure daily. I like their IP 68 rating for waterproofness. Will order more pcs later in my next projects.

    Author's imageRaul JovelHONDURAS
  • This is a great light! I have never been happy with solar lights in the past because of the color and the amount of light they produce. This light is amazing! It is really bright when activated by motion and you can change the color from bright to warm light. I like the warm light setting since it looks the most like incandescent bulbs and isn’t harsh on your eyes. I have one mounted on a fence at the top of my driveway and when fully illuminated it extends at least twenty five feet down the drive!

    Author's imageJaime EstayCHILE
  • Great light! Very bright. I installed it on the garage side of the house, and it illuminates the parking area quite well, and stays bright until dawn. I plan to order more to put up around the house. also like the fact that the mounting pole brings the housing out for getting sun. And, I like the fact that there are no wires hanging around. Great light for the price and ordering more! also putting some on trees on a dirt road through the woods, where sun is available, of course. try one, you will like it!

    Author's imageMauricio MoralesCOLOMBIA

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