Rechargeable Work Lights

10-50 W Rechargeable Work Lights

  • Rechargeable Work Lights

  • Rechargeable Work Lights

  • Rechargeable Work Lights

  • Rechargeable Work Lights

  • rechargeable-flood-lights-specification

  • Switch
    IP66 WaterProof switch 3 stage power saving switch
    full output 50% output off

    Charging Indicator
    indicator red light turn green
    when charge complete
    indicator red light blink when
    battery power is low

    Charge Port
    adapter and car charge plug interface

  • High Quality lithium battery
    Use high quality 18650 Lithium battery, high capacity high cycle life
    the cycle life more than 500 times when normal use
    strong high and low temperature adaptability green and
    environmental protection

  • High-Quality-lithium-battery

  • features

  • Rechargeable Flood Light Features

    1. Body material: Die-casting aluminum
    2. Lampshade: made of toughened glass,impact resistance, high transmittance
    3. Light source: adopts wafer 20W-LED, life time can reach 30000 hours
    4. Battery : Lithium battery, 7.4V, 8.8Ah, The charge-discharge cycle : over 500 times
    5. Self protection circuit design and charging management function: avoid charging and discharging, short-circuited and open circuit damage.
    6. LED Constant current circuit design: Achieve better stability in light brightness.
    7. Fast starting, No stroboflash, eyeshield,
    8. Rechargeable and portable, Diverse styles, Good looking with bright color(green /yellow/gray)
    9. Environmental protection, Safe, comply with CE、ROHS

  • Rechargeable Flood Light Warning

    1.Should not expose eyes directly to the light source within 1 meter
    2.CAN NOT use it under water.
    3.Must use our matching charger, otherwise, it may cause battery loss or damage.
    4.DO NOT open the shell and touch circuit board, otherwise, static electricity on hand may damage the components.
    5.Do not take the batteries out for any other usage
    6.Maintain the electricity charged at around 60% of the total capacity
    if you don`t use the light very often. It helps to increased life span of

  • warning

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