RGB Flood Lights

RGB Ordinary Slimline Floodlights

  • RGB Flood Lights

  • JLM-LTG20W-Y


  • JLM-LTG50W-Y

  • RGB-Ordinary-Slimline-Floodlights

  • RGB Flood Light Features

    • Passed CE&RoHS certification
    • Isolated power supply . it’s more safe
    • Environment-friendly and no UV or IR radiation.
    • Die casting aluminum is good at heat dissipation,surface temperature usually stay below 65°
    • Wide range of available operating voltage and low consumption.
    • Lifespan:more than 50,000H.
    • Fast light brighting,no flicker.
    • Energy-saving:saving 70% than the ordinary lamp.
    • Green and health protection,no pollutio,more comfortable for our vision
  • Color control functions
    Flash: A color to color change without time space
    Strobe: A color to color change with a time space
    Fade: A color to color change with an fade effect
    Smooth: A color to color change with an smooth effect

  • control-functions

  • WW Warm White 3000K±300K
    NW Natural White 4200K±400K
    PW Pure White 6000K±500K
    CW Cold White ›7000K
  • different-color

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