Tripod Work Lights

LED Tripod Work Lights

  • Tripod Work Lights
    JLM-LTG10W 2-T

  • Tripod Work Lights
    JLM-LTG20W 2-T

  • JLM-LTG30W 2-T
    JLM-LTG30W 2-T

Power: 10W*2 /20W*2/30W*2

With ordinary floodlight advantage, equip 4M electrical cable, customized plug.
Exquisite Tripod display bracket, convenient and easy to install, flexible shrink, adjustable height.


1. Mercury-free,lead-free and energy efficiency illumination ,environmentally friendly lamp
2. 70% more energy-saving compared with the high pressure sodium lamp
3. Die cast aluminum radiator with max interface with air ensures excellent heat radiation
4. Strong and compact structure provides protection to the whole lamp.
5. Anodized aluminum reflector gives even and efficient lighting
6. Effective cooling system to ensure safe performance for extended working hours.
7. Aluminum PCB with silicone packaged ,dust-proof ,damp-proof and anti-oxidation
8. Constant current power supply (AC-240)
9. Die cast aluminum ballast casting corrosion-resistance powder coated finish.


Construction site, security , emergency, Work Shop, Job Site, work site, building site, office, outdoor area, farm, warehouse, Billboards, Building, Home, Landscape, tower lights

  • tripod-switch
    Rantoon Floodlight use waterproof switch,
    Super waterproof performance

  • tripod-material
    Rantoon Floodlight tripod use thick material to ensure longer lifespan

  • tripod-floodlights-installation
    Rantoon tripod floodlight do not need nut, flat gasket and washer when install easy installation

  • wire-winding-hook
    Rantoon Tripod floodlight have wire winding hook, convenient to arrange the cable

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